My education and experience

I completed my Bachelor's (B.Sc.) degree in Industrial Statistics & Financial Mathematics in 2021.

I'm a Data Science Writer with over 3 years of experience.

My favorite programming language is Python and I have 2 years plus experience in using Python and its libraries for data science-related tasks.

I started my data science writing journey with simple NumPy arrays and now I'm talking about neural networks!

My Achievements on Medium

Read this article to see my achievements as a data science/AI/ML writer on Medium.

My favorite writing topics

I often write on Artificial Intelligence which is one of the top writer tags on Medium and also a broad topic. Some of my popular writing topics are:

My Writing Plan for 2022

My writing partner

Here is my writing partner. When I write, he jumps to my writing table, walks on my laptop keyboard and writes some arbitrary characters. So, he is my writing partner! 😍

Benefits of reading my work

From writing the topic to hitting the publish button, I carefully plan every detail of my articles. Here are some unique benefits of my writing:

Everything is explained in plain English so that everyone can understand!

I use simple, but effective diagrams (created by me) to explain complex things. So, everyone can understand!

I categorize my articles under unique topics using the Medium list feature. So, you can find your favorite topics in one place and learn in-depth! Here are my lists!

You can learn and practice state-of-the-art tools and technologies used in data science, machine learning and deep learning.

You can get hands-on experience. All code samples, datasets and outputs are included!

I start with fundamentals and go into the deep. Don't worry about prerequisites. I include my own prerequisites.

I first explain the intuition behind algorithms and then move to the mathematical parts of them.

You can get quick responses to your questions asked in the comment section.

I do topic research thoroughly. So, my articles are unique.

I organize my contents in a way that the content efficiency is close to 100%. So, you can get the most out of my writing.

My face photo (AI vs non-AI)

I like Artifiical Interlligince (AI). So, I modified my face photo with an AI algorithm (see left). My actual photo is on right. 😊

My writing frequency

I prefer quality over quantity. Therefore, I can only write about 7-10 articles per month.

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Happy learning to everyone!


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Rukshan Pramoditha

Rukshan Pramoditha

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