How Did I Get 89 Referred Members Using the Medium List Feature?

Lists are more useful than we imagine

Rukshan Pramoditha
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


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At the time (2022–02–12) of writing this content, I have 53 referred members!

Update (2022–05–12): Now, I have 89 referred members! So, I also changed the title of this article to match the number.

First of all, I’d like to thank you to those who became my referred members and every valuable supporter including you!

Recently, Medium introduced its List feature which adds great value to the platform.

As a writer in Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, I often need to write series of articles which cover specific topics in those fields. Therefore, the List feature is extremely useful for me to organize my posts into different categories.

So far, I’ve created 13 lists. You can access all of them here. Some of my popular lists include:

It’s true that I include the link to my membership referral page at the end of each article and new readers sign up for their memberships using that link.

So, “How does the List feature affect increasing the number of my referred members?” In my opinion, new readers get their memberships for long-term reading. They expect some quality work organized in a more formal way.

As an example, consider my “Neural Networks and Deep Learning Course”. I’ve designed it using the Medium List feature. It is a user-friendly course even beginners can understand. The prerequisites for that course were also covered in my other lists.



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