My Writing Plan for 2022

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It was the end of another exciting year. We did a lot of things together. As we enter a new year, I want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

We’ve already discussed many interesting topics in Data Science, General Machine Learning and also Deep Learning & Neural Networks. I’m happy to say that I’ll continue writing and look forward to supporting your data science education even more in 2022.

Therefore, I’ve planned to write even more great articles for you. However, exact titles will not be revealed here. More emphasis will be given to the following specific fields in data science.

  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks (We’ve already introduced a course for this topic! Check it here.)
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Feature Engineering
  • SQL for Data Manipulation and Managing
  • Time Series
  • Cloud Machine Learning Platforms (e.g. Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud)
  • Clustering Methods
  • Handling Unlabelled Data

I always do my best to write and organize my contents in a way that you can get the most out of them and learn something new. When writing a new post, my goal is to maximize the content efficiency as defined here and below.

(Image by author)

So, instead of writing random topics, most of the time in this year, I will begin with the fundamentals of a specific topic and go deeper into that topic by taking a step-by-step approach. Doing so will allow me to maximize the content efficiency and write posts everyone can understand.

I’ve already organized my contents using the Medium list feature. Click here to find your favorite topic and learn it in-depth! I’ll update the list as I progress.

Thank you very much!

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See you in the next story.

As always, happy learning to everyone!

Rukshan Pramoditha




3x times top 1000 writer on Medium | Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Sign up:

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Rukshan Pramoditha

Rukshan Pramoditha

3x times top 1000 writer on Medium | Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Sign up:

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